Anytype as Document Management

Following the data not apps routeI started down the road of “How Do I Make Everything On My Laptop More Useful”.

I have gone paperless, correspondence received is scanned and saved to a giant folder with a tagged file name format of

YYYYMMDD - Sender - Recipient - Subject

So I thought I would migrate that into Anytype as there is a Relation called File. When I investigated that further I saw that File is actually an object type. Great I thought, I can just add into a bunch of relations Sent Date, From (Organisation/Human) To (Human) Subject and add relations for Topics or Projects and tag it.

But then I saw that it is a completely locked Type, if I go to the canvas and add things using the New button it goes through the motions of adding the relation but when it is reopened the relation sometimes doesn’t hold and if it does then there is no way to edit that relation.

If the File is completely locked how to I then get the file to show up in other types? Do I create a Correspondence Type and then add the relation to that? And if I have Project 1 has Correspondence XYZ has File123, then the file is not directly related to the Project only the Correspondence.

Is there a reason that the File is so abstracted from the model that applies to everything else?

Currently the workflow is to create a Document type for instance, and then link the file itself either directly or trough an object relation type.
In the future, we might get the ability to modify file objects themselves, but nothing for now.