Anytype as an Operating System?

TLDR: Will the Anytype Operating System be a separate app alongside Anytype Knowledge Manage Tool? Same how Chrome OS is separate to the Chrome Browser?

During the last town hall something interesting has been said and showed about Anytype.

Zhanna showed the Evolution of Anytype (around the 4 min mark):

She also said it is simular how the Chrome Browser became the Chrome OS.

From the Chrome Browser came Chrome OS and within Chrome OS you have the Chrome Browser. So the browser is it’s own piece of software, separate to the operating system and can be used separate on any other device and operating system (windows, apple, android, etc).

Does this evolution of Anytype mean that the current app will evolve into an operating system with knowledge management capabilities?. Or will it mean we get two apps in the future, one knowledge mamagement tool and one operating system?

For me (and maybe others) this is an important question, since a note taking app has a different usecase and requirements compared to an operating system. I want a notes app to be fast, focussed on taking notes, managing knowledge and not bloated with apps/features unrelated to taking notes or knowledge management. For example I don’t want to wait for the OS to “boot up”, then having to launch the note taking app within this OS just to take a quick note.

I think it would be useful ahead of time to be know about this evolution, this vision about what Anytype will become. So people can prepare as well as have their expectations in line with the vision/evolution.


In the grandest interpretation, I believe Anytype has the potential to be extended as far as the mind’s eye can see, to be a fully fledged web eco-system that meets all your digital needs.

On the visible horizon; we will make the shift from personal spaces / content creation tool, to the co-operating system with multi-player spaces and communities, where this very Community will migrate. Then we’ll have our collective “beam me up, Scotty” moment.