Anytype Android app startup time


I don’t know if I should call it a bug or just some need for refinement. To my experience, for the type of app anytype is and for the purpose it serves, the startup time should be a bit lesser than it already is. Its not very long, but if I want to jot down a simple idea in one of my objects, the experience should be snappier. I find myself inclining towards keep notes for the same reeason, even when I’m aware of the fact that anytypes editor is more feature rich. But the fact that keep notes is soooo snappy to take notes in, it takes the lead. Just some more refinement in app startup time would make the app more inviting to use it as a note taker or anything for that matter. This thing has been on my mind and has been bugging me since I started using the Android version of the OS. If the same is for IOS, please look into this. Afterall, it’s all about the experience. Btw, for me it take somewhere between 2 and 2.5 seconds(inclusive of time it takes to load the objects and the profile) for anytype to open and 1 second for Google keep notes to open.


Startup time similar to keep notes would be game changing. Ik it’s just a veryyyy minor difference, but it still affects my experience.


  • OS:
    Android 12L
  • Device:
    One plus 7t
  • Anytype Version:

I understand that faster is always better. But it’s quite hard for me to compare a huge company like Google with “note” app to Anytype. There are much more devs with Google and the feature set is extremely different for me.
On iOS it takes about 3-4 seconds for me. And for an app in alpha stage I think thats good.

Optimization is always appreciated. But in the current stage I think the features and bugs are more important than 1-1.5 seconds.

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yes i know that. Im just listing this bug in the forum to be checked afterwards, a very low priority report, but still just putting the concern forward.

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This seems more like a feature request than a bug to me.

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I share the same concern.

Here’s a post I did somewhat related to that

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Also, there’s always a possibility for them to implement a quick add feature for objects later on.

Similar to this Todoist - Task Shortcuts.

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that can be interesting!

cant categorize this as a bug nor a fwature request to be honest. It cant be a " feature" of an app to startup quickly hehe… Nevertheless, this seems more geared towards bug to me because of the refinement still left. Thus, a bug report

Yes this is a nice idea. But i dont think this would be needed once the optimization is done for the stable release. As for alpha, it is already good enough and comparable amongst the social media app startup times like pinterest. Im sure stable release would be blazing fasrt, i just wanted to put this concern in the forum so that the anytype team keeps an eye on this too whilst squashing other bugs!


There’s also the category of general discussion.

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Here the Android app usually takes 5-7s to load, and sometimes longer if a large Set was open and needs to be reopened. Not terrible, but also not great :wink:


My Android app has become a lot slower… It takes 60-80 seconds to load the app (it opens the object that was open, usually my to do Set with about 100 objects). The waiting would not be as bad if the app wouldn’t be unresponsive during loading.

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This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

Same for iOS

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@sambouwer and @Flip

Is it only launch time of the app, or objects loading slowly as well? Is there notable lag in the app in general or just specific actions?

It seems to be the initial loading of a set from storage to memory (or Anytypes equivalent). Once the app is started and the set is loaded, overall performance is decent. Some other actions take a considerable amount of time to complete, for example applying changes to Set View settings. That probably deserves its own bug report.

This is basically fixed for me on Anytype for Android 0.13.0. There is still a loading time, but it’s definitely acceptable compared to where we are coming from! I would consider this solved although I’d love to see more performance improvements over time.

@Ishaan @Flip how is this for you with the latest versions?

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Startup time on an iPhone 11 is about 3 seconds today. So would say it’s better than before.