Anytype Android 0.9.0 released

:tada: :package: Welcome to Anytype Android 0.9.0

New Features & Enhancements :rocket:

  • Editor | Introduced simple tables (#2427)
    It’s no secret that we’re hyped about introducing simple table blocks on all platforms. From the editor, simply type [/table] followed by the number of rows x columns, and your table will be created and ready to use!

  • Editor | Introduced callout blocks (#2432)
    Now you can use the [/] menu to incorporate callout blocks in your Objects, allowing you to emphasize key bits of information.

  • Editor | Enabled text & background color pickers for title blocks (#2392)
    Achieve next-level Object customization by long holding Title blocks and playing with the color menu for text and background.

  • Sets | Introduced Bookmark sets for creating and browsing bookmark objects (#2428)
    With Bookmark sets, you can capture all the interesting links from around the web and sort and filter them according to your own needs.

Fixes & Tech :fire_engine:

  • Objects | Unavailable actions are now hidden from the Object menu (#2393)
  • Objects | Objects with covers and Task layout have improved alignment (#2403)
  • Objects | Confirmation message upon moving an Object to the bin shows ‘Archived’ rather than ‘Moved to Bin’ (#2461)
  • Objects | Objects that have been moved to the bin are now automatically closed (#2451)
  • Editor | Unavailable actions for Title blocks are now hidden from the menu (#2395)
  • Editor | ‘Retry’ logic for file blocks has been introduced so that new files can be uploaded when the previous attempt resulted in an error (#2351)
  • Editor | Tapping on an Object’s top toolbar no longer triggers keyboard opening (#2399)
  • Editor | Fixed copy/paste function for table of contents (#2441)
  • Editor | Fixed logic to allow Object creation using @ mention (#2455)
  • Editor | Fixed error that was causing nested Object creation via (@) mention to crash the app (#2456)
  • Search | When navigating to Set view from Search results, the keyboard is now dismissed for better visibility (#2416)
  • Sets | Grid view headers now show or hide Object icons in headers according to the view settings (#2408)
  • Sets | Screen text for checkbox relations sorts has been updated (#2424)
  • App | Fixed application startup error that was occurring when re-opening the app being killed by the Android OS to reclaim resources (#2447)
  • App | Resolved problem with flaking remaining days count after account deletion (#2414)

Design & UX :art:

  • Editor | Updated to snackbars instead of toasts to prevent overlapping undo/redo controls (#2412)
  • Editor | Fixed the border color of File blocks during upload state in dark mode (#2406)
  • Object | Object icon is now displayed in the Object’s top toolbar when the header is collapsed (#2397)
  • Editor | Introduced dark mode fixes: Icons and text background color in the slash menu have been corrected in dark mode so they’re not muted (#2450)
  • Object | The text color has been corrected for featured relations to match the rest of header elements (#2407)
  • Settings | Fixed: some items had incorrect bottom offsets in the wallpaper-picker screen (#2398)
  • Settings | The recovery phrase window now uses a skeleton view (rather than blur) for better security (#2394)
  • App | Color of warning buttons has been updated (#2418)

Thank you for being part of the alpha program :heart:
— Anytype Team


Are simple table cells customizable on Android as on Desktop? Can background color be changed?

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Hello, no customization yet, we will add it either in the next release or through one release.