Anytype Android 0.6.1 released

:tada: :package: Welcome to Anytype Android 0.6.1.

New features & enhancements :rocket:

  • Editor | Set cover for your object from Unsplash (#2141)
  • Relations | Set target types for relations, whose values contain objects (#2127)
  • App | Added logout warning (#2121)
  • App | New app menu (#2119)
  • Auth | Show screen about analytics during sign-up (#2122)
  • Auth | Add logic for retry when failed to start account (#2124)

Fixes & tech :fire_engine:

  • Editor | Fix app permission issues preventing users from uploading pictures and other media (#2143)
  • Editor | Should close keyboard when closing a dialog screen with focused text input (#2152)
  • Editor | Toggle block should expand / collapse in locked mode (#2116)

Design & UX :white_square_button:

  • Sets | Do not draw offset column without content in grid views (#2129)
  • Editor | Add-bookmark bottom sheet screen in dark mode (#2137)
  • Editor | Style-color toolbar in light mode has incorrect background in selected tab (#2148)

Thank you for being part of the alpha program :heart:
ā€” Anytype Team


Hii , Iā€™m confused, is this update available or yet to release?

Hi, it is in review on Google Play, but already available in our Telegram channel. Also, today it will be uploaded to our website.

UPD. New release is available here:


Anytype 0.6.1 is now available for me in Google Play :slight_smile:


Great! Thanks for fixing the media upload issue. Also, the possibility to add covers from unsplash is great! Keep up the good work, team! :tada:


is dark mode toggle added yet? thanks

Should be in the next update (0.6.2), hopefully.

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Whether android is open to implementing PIN codes

@soulgoodfly Is this a question?

The android download link in is still 0.6.0

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It is in Anytype for Android 0.7.0-alpha! :smiley: Release notes will be posted here on Monday, but to already give you a preview:

The new version is already available on the Play Store but the APK will be updated on the Anytype website on Monday.