Anytype Android 0.6.0 released

:tada: :package: Welcome to Anytype Android 0.6.0.

We’re keeping Anytype for Android on the bleeding edge of technology by targeting Android API 31. We’re adopting the Android App Bundle (AAB) format, a new standard for distribution. You will be able to receive these updates on Google Play:

We have you covered for our users who can’t or choose not to use Google Play. Instead of AAB, we’ll deliver APKs for the two most common device architectures: armeabi-v7a and arm64-v8a. Including only the code needed for your device architecture will save you space and make updates faster.

If your device supports a different architecture, we’ll offer you an APK which all devices should support.

New features & enhancements :rocket:

  • Editor | Link appearance: customise how your links look on the canvas: choose from a simple text line, or a card, with optional icons. (#2087)

  • Editor | Lock your objects to prevent accidental editing or enable read-only mode for all peers (#2084)

  • Editor | Create a bookmark from pasted URLs. (#2074)

  • Editor | New logic for pressing the backspace key. (#2091)

  • Dashboard | Changes in tabs are synchronised between peers, no longer requiring you to open/close an object to “refresh” the dashboard. (#2052)

Fixes & tech :fire_engine:

  • Editor | Issues related to drag & drop sensitivity. (#2068)

  • Editor | Incorrect numbers in numbered lists when sections group nested lists or blocks. (#2072)

  • Editor | Progress bar and text should not overlap when a link-to-object block is in loading state (#2098)

  • Editor | Title in the top toolbar is missing when your object has TODO layout (#2103)

  • Sets | Enabled auto-correct when setting name for a new object. (#2067)

  • Dashboard | An issue where removing objects from your favorites would not sync. (#2075)

  • Search | Optimised object search. (#2095)

Design & UX :white_square_button:

  • Editor | Image blocks in fullscreen mode are now optimised for light and dark mode. (#2094)

Thank you for being part of the alpha program :heart:
— Anytype Team


Wow, congrats on the release on Google play. On the way to grow for this app and it’s community.


Can’t wait to try it. The desktop version testing has been going very well. Great community and enjoying the ride.

Editor | Link appearance: customise how your links look on the canvas: choose from a simple text line, or a card, with optional icons.

I can’t find how to use this new feature in the app, can you give an example?


Links as in Link to Objects from the canvas. Not Bookmarks or Inline links. This behavior is same on the desktop app as well


Why I don’t see updated option on Google play?
I’m on the 0.5.2 version.

If you need to switch to the play store version, you have to uninstall the current one and install it from the playstore due to different app signatures. You can continue to update the app through PS for further updates.

:warning: Don’t forget to backup your passphrase before uninstalling the app

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Lock is working sweet and sooo good to have. no weird moving and disappearing anymore