Anytype Android 0.5.2 released

:tada: :package: Welcome to Anytype Android 0.5.2. Patch release providing fixes for issues in 0.5.0.

New features & enhancements :rocket:

  • Editor | Spelling matters: auto-correct is there in experimental mode. Enjoy writing! (#2059). Thank you, @edwards .

Fixes & tech :fire_engine:

  • Relations | When opening date-format value for a relation, then exiting to your device’s home screen, then returning back to Anytype no longer causes application crash (#2060).

  • Sets | Fixes in Number, Date, and Checkbox filters (#2057). Thank you, @GooRusa .

  • App | Creating a new object via app shortcuts wouldn’t work correctly if Anytype is already open in background (#2056). Thank you, @XxxBalCion .

  • Tech | Fix missing file keys (#1353).

Thank you for being part of the alpha program :heart:
— Anytype Team


Since the app isn’t in the store and there is no auto-update functionality, would it be possible to put somewhere in the app a link to the download page for new versions? That shouldn’t be much work, but would save everyone some extra steps. :slight_smile:

Oh, and btw. it seems that the apk under hasn’t been updated.

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Only place I could find it was in the “Anytype: Android testers” Telegram channel (direct link to Android 0.5.2 APK).

Hello there, Mario. You could send me your mail in PM, so that I can subscribe you to Firebase App Distribution updates. We’re also going to distribute the apk via Google Play, but we’re not yet ready, but maybe the next update will be there. As to, we’re going to update the link tomorrow.


Upd. 0.5.2 is now available here: