Anytype Android 0.5.0

New features & enhancements :rocket:

  • Introducing dark mode. Just in-time for winter, our long-awaited dark mode is here. This feature has graced our devices (and eyes) in recent years, and has really become a way of life for some. Night owls rejoice! To enable dark mode, simply start using it in your device settings.

  • Wallpaper. You can now finally change the way your home looks!

  • Remove files from device. You can select Clear cache in Settings → Other settings. They can be downloaded again from the backup node or another device. No more messy and heavy files stealing you Android storage!

  • Gallery & List views! For Gallery views, the card image can be shown from the Attachment Relation or the object’s cover image. You can set this in Customize View, and the selected image source will appear at the top of each gallery card.

    photo photo

  • App | Reminding our users about saving the mnemonic phrase

Fixes & tech :fire_engine:

  • Performance | Optimisations to reduce the wait from starting Anytype to reaching the home screen. Thanks, lynxlove, Srinath.
  • Editor | Numbered block pattern triggered when not needed due to an incorrect regex pattern
  • Object | Should not create a link in your object to the newly created set
  • Sets | Should not crash when adding a file to relation
  • Sets | Relation “Name” should be available in sorts and filters
  • Relations | When trying to search for an object to add it to a relation, search does not work correctly

Design & UX :white_square_button:

  • Sets | Bottom navigation panel is there, at last!
  • Editor | Render object icon based on its layout type in mentions and links
  • Editor | New design for selected state

Great news! Is this available already? The “App Tester” app that I used initially only shows v0.40. Where else would I get 0.50?

[e] Nevermind, I found out that I need Telegram (ugh) for it

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