Anytype Android 0.4.2 released

:tada: :package: Anytype Android 0.4.2. Patch release providing fixes for issues in 0.4.0.

Design & UX :white_square_button:

  • Redesigned authentication flow (#1928)

  • Dashboard | Fix cards’ width (#1939)

  • Dashboard | Add ripple animation for cards (#1942)

  • New splash screen (#1940)

Fixes & tech :fire_engine:

  • Editor | Should not crash when failed to parse an object’s layout due to incorrect format (#1929)

  • Editor | Should not crash when the target block is not found for the style panel (#1929)

  • Editor | Should not crash when long-pressing empty space in the header when object layout has no title (#1930)

  • Editor | Should not show a redundant toast with error message when opening user profile (#1935). Thank you, @lynxlove

  • Editor | Drag-and-dropping below or above a link to object always results in dropping inside this link (#1931). Thank you, @edwards.

  • Editor | Undo/redo does not work correctly for relation values (#1932)

  • Editor | Toggle block has incorrect text size (#1946). Thank you, @bjorn.

  • Sets | Should not crash when state is not initialised when displaying a view’s filters (#1929)

  • Sets | Should not display the change-object-type menu for sets (#1934)

  • Sets | Should not prompt for object’s name when creating an object with layout without title (#1938). Thank you, @qualquertipo.

  • Sets | Should not crash when relation state is not initialised (#1937)

  • Sets | Support filters without any condition (#1933, #1944)

  • Sets | Screen with filter conditions should be dismissible by swipe (#1941)

Thank you for being part of the alpha program :heart:
— Anytype Android Team


Thank you @eugene but many of us are stuck on version 0.3.2 (302) on Firebase. Why is that? :thinking:

We’re going to fix this Firebase issue soon. Meanwhile, please consider updating by the APKs provided in Telegram group. Would it work for you?

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Absolutely, it was just to inform you.


Icon now has much better contrast👍🏼