Anytype Android 0.4.0 released

Say hello to our most incredible innovation since object creation: object deletion. Anytype for Android now supports the permanent deleting of objects! :partying_face: :wastebasket::recycle:

Notes are the new Drafts! A new type of object, perfect for getting your thoughts into Anytype. Speed and convenience are central to this update. Use shortcut actions to create new objects directly from the Android home screen, and a quick resume brings you right back to your last object. Last but not least, you can now choose any type of object as your device-specific default type in Settings.

New features & enhancements :rocket:

  • Dashboard | Most wanted: select, delete objects or restore them from Bin (#1858)
  • App | Smarter recycling: drafts without any history will be deleted after close (#1833)
  • App | Resume whatever you were up to: restoring the last opened object or the last opened set on application start (#1851)
  • App | Displaying shortcut actions when clicking on your App’s icon (#1888)
  • App | On-the-go: introducing “Note” as a new type with a specific layout (#1852)
  • Settings | Setup a default type for your Anytype. When creating a new object, your default type will be used (#1873)
  • Editor | New markup: add links to objects, not only URLs! (#1893)
  • Editor | Opening a file by default app on device instead of downloading it when clicked (#1904)
  • Editor | Drag & drop (position above, below or inside) (#1848)
  • Editor | Latex block in experimental mode. Let’s hear your feedback! (#1814)
  • Objects | Menu | Select a layout, which best suits your object: Note, Basic, Profile, or Task (#1894)
  • Sets | When your object is open, you can navigate to set of your object’s type or create a new set (#1880)
  • Sets | You can now delete a relation from your set (#1890)
  • Sets | Grid as fallback view: views not yet supported on Android can be seen as a grid (#1850)

Design & UX :white_square_button:

  • Editor | More comfortable reading: increased the default font size (#1892)
  • Editor | Undo-redo making a comeback! (#1913)

Fixes & tech :fire_engine:

  • Sets | Status value missing due to incorrect value parsing (#1911)
  • Sets | App crashes when opening URL from the relation in a browser and returning back to the App (#1911)
  • Editor | Fix | App should not crash when undoing text color changes for numbered block (#1920)

Thank you for being part of the alpha program :heart:
— Anytype Android Team


How do I get this?

If I open Firebase App Installer it shows 0.3.2 as latest version.

Does it take some time to roll out?
Any way to get notified when it happens?

You can get it from either the telegram android group or discord or the unofficial matrix anytype group :wink:


I thought the whole point of using Firebase was to have these updates be done through it…

It should be in Firebase by now. I got an email about it yesterday.

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Not yet on mine… Maybe I’m using Firebase wrong?

It says “none installed” because I just installed 4.0 via the apk

The 0.4.0 update isn’t showing for me on Firebase either, I get the 0.3.2 like @qualquertipo, and now my Android device won’t sync with v 0.21.5. Does anyone have an invitation link for the Discord or Telegram Android group at all? Or to the Firebase 0.4 download? I’m on the Telegram Desktop testers channel but can’t find the Android group… Thanks for any help.

There you go!

Thanks so much @AyneHancer, great to have Android syncing with Desktop again :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: