Anytype Android 0.3.0 released

Welcome to Anytype Android 0.3.0. This latest update is packed with new features, quality-of-life improvements, and more than a few squashed bugs. :bug:

0.3.0 updates the overall interface, an improvement we hope will help you create and work with your objects even faster. This release also supports Sets, Relations, and Types, for every user. Thank you to all our users for testing these new features over the summer. Your feedback made it possible to share these with everyone so quickly.

Thanks for being part of the alpha program. :heart:


  • Editor: Our new fancy action bar will give you more power (#1755, #1781, #1782)
  • Objects & sets: Favorite & unfavorite what you need to (#1792)
  • Sets: No more secret calls. It’s now available for everyone! (#1780)
  • Sets: Customise your Sets with cover images on desktop & mobile (#1747)
  • Objects: You can now add or change a cover or icon by tapping it (#1779, #1783)
  • Relations: You can now remove relations from your objects (#1741)


  • Editor: Ever close an object because you swiped the bottom sheet down? Well, that bug is gone! Bye-bye, bottom sheet swipe! (#1773)
  • Editor: Create a link to an object via the “/”-widget (#1746)
  • Editor: Enhanced “/”-widget triggering (#1761)
  • Redesign: New main bottom toolbar (#1773)
  • Redesign: New text-edit block toolbar (#1771)
  • Redesign: Headers for objects and sets (#1744, #1749)
  • Redesign: Move-to screen (#1739)
  • Redesign: Link-to screen (#1746, #1751)
  • Relations: Added format-specific placeholders (#1740)


  • Editor: Allow duplicating several blocks and support duplication for nested blocks (#1756)
  • Editor: Fixed: Capitalize when starting a new sentence (#1785)
  • Editor: Fixed: Split-block logic for title block and description block (#1769)
  • Editor: Open objects based on their layout for mentions and links (#1765)
  • Dashboard: Sort results in “inbox” tab by lastModifiedDate (#1748)
  • Objects: New objects now created by-default without icons (#1788)
  • Sets | Fixed: Remove incorrect error message when deleting a view from sets (#1805)
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Where can I get the Android App of AnyType? I registered my mailadress through and the firebase formular told me, that I’ll be notified when the app is ready to test, but i didn’t get anything.

Without the App, AnyType is kinda useless for me :confused:

Best regards!

The APK files for the android app is shared in the Android Testers Telegram group for which you can find the link in the email you’ve received your invite codes from. If not, you can check Anytype discord for the APK files

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Do you have a link to the discord? The invite link in the email is no longer valid