Anytype Android 0.27.18 released

Happy December, Anytypers! To celebrate a great year, we’re happy to announce one final release to cap off 2023. With that, we wish you a very happy festive season and a great start to 2024.

New Features & Enhancements :rocket:

Backlinks v1

Backlinks and forward links have been implemented as relations on all platforms, and can be found in the relations panel of any object.

By default, if an object already has backlinks, the backlinks will be displayed as a featured relation, indicating the number of backlinks and - when clicked the linked objects. If an object has no backlinks, the relation will not be featured, but can be located in your relations panel.

Configurable Self-hosting & Local-Only Settings

Configurable settings for self-hosting and local-only mode for your data have been introduced on all platforms! To change your sync settings, navigate to your Anytype App Settings > Additional Settings for the App > Network Mode, and select your preferred option.

— Sharing Extension

V1 of sharing extension has been introduced with this release, permitting you to share text or URL content directly to Anytype. Text can be saved as either new Note objects or text blocks within an existing object. URLs meanwhile, can be saved as new Bookmark objects or text blocks within an existing object. You’ll be prompted to select the target space and object when using the sharing extension.

— Default Object Types Added to App Shortcuts Menu

When long-pressing the Anytype app icon, you’ll notice that your shortcuts menu now shows options for creating object types: Note, Task, and Page.

— New Type-Select Menu on Plus Button Long-Press

When long-pressing the plus button in the navigation panel, you’ll now see an option

— Create Widget from Object 3-dots Menu

Any object can now be transformed into a widget simply by clicking the three-dots menu and selecting the first option: Create Widget.

— Redesigned Type-Select Menu from Editor

For easier navigability, we’ve given a makeover to the type-select menu for changing object types for new or existing objects.

— Simplified Login Flow

We’ve adjusted the text and sequence of the onboarding flow to make it simpler for users creating new Anytype accounts on mobile, with an emphasis on the Recovery Phrase.

— Space Navigation from Open Objects now Possible

The navigation menu for switching spaces is now visible even from the editor, so you no longer need to return to your homescreen in order to switch spaces.

Fixes & tech :fire_engine:

  • Fixed: It’s now possible to reload bookmark source
  • Fixed: Objects with system layout are no longer displayed in sets
  • Fixed: Back navigation in onboarding flow now works when rapidly pressing back-button twice
  • Fixed: Object limit for widgets with tree layout has been removed
  • Fixed: Emojifier no longer causes crashes
  • Fixed: Opening video files no longer causes crashes
  • Fixed: Main settings screen now scrollable on very small devices
  • Fixed: Default template now being applied consistently

Design & UX :white_square_button:

  • Recovery phrase screen during onboarding flow has been colorized
  • When adding a link block in the editor, ‘Link’ has been renamed to ‘Add link’ for better understanding

Happy organizing and creating!

Best regards,
The Anytype Team :heavy_heart_exclamation:


P.S. Release is already available on Google Play. APKs will be available within few hours.
UPD. All builds are available now.


Apk builds are available for download here Releases · anyproto/anytype-kotlin · GitHub


I can’t find the local only button, No network mode exist
It seems that the network settings for Anytype were not found in the miui14 system settings, but they were found on other phones
env:redmi 12note turbo MIUI 14


Some Android phones don’t have other settings for network mode, and I hope to add this feature option to the software

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Thank you very much for your great app!


That’s the great Christmas gift for me! Thank you Any team!


Awesome update! Addresses lots of things I was waiting for as someone who joined in on the previous version~

It seems the Network Setting appears in different places depending on the Android skin/brand. On Samsung OneUI, I found it under In-app notification settings (for some reason lol).


  • I can’t figure out how to refresh a bookmark that’s already in a page, didn’t see the option when it’s selected or when viewing the object
    • found it: view bookmark object, tap Source, tap “Reload object content”
  • when sharing to Anytype from a browser the shared text usually includes a headline, e.g.
    Anytype Community - Any Community - share feedback & connect

    and it seems like Anytype considers it a block of plain text instead of a link. Would be cool if it could identify the link in it and allow us to share it as a bookmark/link

Thank you so much for this FANTASTIC update! Especially the ability to directly share content to Anytype is THE feature I have been waiting for the most (well, web clipper aside). Great job.

However, this

doesn’t exist at all. There isn’t even a settings category called “Additional settings for the app”. Nothing Phone (1) on latest software, Android 13.

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@anyAlexander, thanks for reporting. let us check this out once again with my colleague. by the way, both of us have Nothing 1, which we like a lot!

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…sorry to ask. Regarding the sharing to anytype, is it possible that there is no option to choose type and template? Are we stuck with notes? :frowning:

And, when creating a new task from the icon… i can’t select a template either right? :frowning:

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For now, yes. It’s an MVP after all. I’m sure that all of this will be refined after the webclipper comes out since it’s related.

I need to lower my expectations, is not healthy for me hahhaha. Not talking about the final product, but in the speed of development.

Thanks for the response!

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How can I change the language of Anytype? I want use a different language from my phone settings.

It depends on your OS. On newer Android versions (12+?) you can go to the App info and choose a supported language for that specific app (System settings > Apps > Anytype > Choose language, or similar setting). On older versions it needs an in-app setting.

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Thanks, my version is 11, only found the settings of network mode, no language options v_v


Still can’t login on Android after multiple spaces update =(


@voidkeeper, please try to update to the latest version - 0.27.21