Anytype Android 0.26.29 released

New Features & Enhancements :rocket:

Multispaces | Introducing space creation, deletion, and management

Get excited - multispaces are coming to Android! Tap your profile icon in the bottom navigator to toggle between spaces. You can personalize your space settings including default object type, wallpaper, storage settings, and name by tapping on the space widget at the top of your screen.

(Test flight) Localization | Introducing Anytype Android in 10 New Languages

Thanks to the help of our awesome, global community we were able to enable 10 new interface languages with this release, including: Simplified Chinese, French, German, Norwegian, Indonesian, Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Ukrainian, French, Italian, and Russian. In case of an issue, consider reading this: TROUBLESHOOTING

Templates | Template Logic Updated for New Objects

By the new logic implemented in this release, default templates are automatically applied to all objects created whether by + button, sets, or collections. For each new object created, you’ll see a template picker at the top of the menu indicating the number of templates available to choose from.

Templates | Template preview enabled via Template picker

The template picker, visible in all newly created objects without blocks, allows you to preview the templates available and select which one you’d like to apply to the specific object.

Sets & Collections | Default Template Selection for Views Logic Updated

Within sets & collections, you can customize the default template applied to the view by tapping the down caret beside the new object creation button, and selecting which template you’d like to apply for all new objects.

Templates | Template Creation from Object

When tapping the three-dots menu from any object, you’ll now see a new option to create a template from that object.

Templates | Default Template Applied when Object Type is Changed

When changing an object’s Type from the editor, the default template for the new type will be applied, while preserving the previous content.

Object Creation Flow | New Flow implemented for object creation from + button

To enhance the feeling of a ‘clean slate’ when creating new objects, the template selection menu has now been hidden so only the editor and keyboard remain visible. To change the type, simply click the ‘Change Type’ menu and select the type you need.

Fixes & tech :fire_engine:

  • Widgets | Files, audio, video, and images have been filtered out of the ‘Recently Edited’ widget

  • Search | Fix | Templates have been filtered out of global search results

Design & UX :white_square_button:

  • Sets & Collections | View menu has been completely redesigned with a top-level menu to adjust view name, and sub-menus with layout, relations, filter, and sort.


  • Sets & Collections | Redesigned Menu for View Creation
    When creating a new view in sets & collections, you’ll be presented with a redesigned menu which replicates the structure of the view settings menu

  • Widgets | Haptic feedback has been added for widget actions

  • Alerts | Alert popups have been redesigned to match our overall design system

  • Onboarding | New users creating an Anytype account for the first time will be greeted with a simpler flow designed to increase understanding through more intuitive naming and descriptions.

Best regards,
The Anytype Team :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Just updated, widgets show random files and objects! It’s not organized same as on desktop anymore.

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Is the relevant widget “recently edited” or “recently opened”? In case you have a “recently opened” widget: please note the remark with “on this device”.


It’s just a collection nothing from the Anytype Library.
I noticed this bug is only in my personal main space and not the new created one!