Anytype Android 0.22.9 released

Hey y’all,

It’s our great pleasure to bring you the first android update that integrates our Anysync protocol and includes spaces, widgets, collections, and the mobile library.

This release was so huge in fact, that we jumped nine whole versions, from 0.14.0 to 0.22.0 :wink: In all seriousness though, we’ve decided to standardize version numbers across all platforms and hope that by doing so, it will be easier for everyone to keep track of releases.

Before we get to the good stuff, a couple of important notes:

  • If you were a member of the alpha testing community before mid-May 2023, you will need to install a new version of Anytype android and perform an account migration via your desktop device. The previous version of Android is no longer valid. For detailed instructions, please update to the latest version of desktop.
  • If you are a user who attended onboarding between 25 May and 08 June, you will need to make sure that you install the latest version via this link - the build link you received in your post-onboarding call will no longer sync to your other devices.

New Features & Enhancements :rocket:


The first thing you’ll notice when you open your account is that your homescreen objects have been replaced by widgets. The default widget setting closely reflects the previous Android homescreen with respective widgets for Favorites, Recents, Sets, Collections (newly added), and Bin.

However, you’re now free to customize which widgets you see and how they appear in your homescreen. Edit or delete widgets by long tapping any widget, or add new widgets by tapping the ‘Edit Widgets’ button.

Your desktop and android widgets are synced, so any changes you make on android will be reflected on your desktop sidebar, and vice versa.


Spaces are making their debut across all platforms, and Android is no exception. Your space icon now appears in the bottom navigation menu; tapping it will open settings for both profile and space where you can further customize your icon and space name.

Types & Relations Library

It’s here! Version 1 of the types and relations library has just hit your device, replete with all of your installed relations as well as those from the anytype library. From Android you can now easily delete unwanted types or relations - no more waiting to get back to your desktop to do so.


It is now possible to create collections from your mobile device, create new objects within collections, and link existing objects to your collections. We hope you’ll enjoy the newfound freedom of using this feature!

Fixes & tech :fire_engine:

  • Our Anysync infra has been integrated! Your legacy app will be renamed as ‘Anytype Legacy’, while the new one will be called ‘Anytype’.
  • Fixed: Creating a new object within the editor no longer creates an empty block
  • Fixed: Arrow keys now work in editor when using an external keyboard
  • Fixed: Invalid links in bookmark blocks can now be edited
  • Fixed: All relations added to set are now properly displayed
  • Fixed: First object in search result is now completely visible
  • Fixed: Relations of type: Object now permit editing object values without first deleting current value

Design & UX :white_square_button:

  • About page has been redesigned
    Navigating to your Space settings > About page will bring several new options, including links to release notes, docs, support options, and more.
  • Relations panel now available in Sets
    Now, tapping on the ‘Relations’ option from the bottom menu of a Set will open the Set’s relations, just as it does for normal objects.
  • Creating new object from Set now opens the object editor
    Instead of simply adding a new row, tapping the plus-button from sets will open the object editor.
  • Read-only relations are now locked
    To visually indicate read-only relations from others (such as ‘Creation date’ and ‘Last modified date’), a lock icon now appears next to read-only relations

Just migrated my Anytypes on Windows and Android. The Android one is looking so nice! I have yet to experiment more, but this has been a very nice update. Many thanks to the Android team as well!


Thank you, Has!


Great update here and definitely appreciated the sync version numbering as well. :chefs_kiss: Still waiting on Kanban for Android and hope that is in the near future as I LIVE on Kanban. I know y’all got a lot on your plates but would love to see an update on that so we can know when we might get our hands on the goodie gooooods!! :zap:


Thank you very much

Unfortunately i can’t migrate. On the desktop version (AppImage) the import of the backup throws an error:
“backup was made from a different account”

If you still have trouble migrating, please write a separate bug report :slight_smile:

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Enjoying the new version so far even though I am still sad there is no landscape support which prevents me from using it on my tablet.

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Did you Log In to Beta using the same Recovery Phrase from your Alpha Account? Sounds like maybe you clicked Join instead, and created a new account.

Hey @Angelo,
unfortunately not.
I did everything as mentioned in themigration trail guide.

Please make a bug report about this so we can investigate further. Thanks!