Anytype Android 0.1.2 released

Hello there!

This is our fourth release (0.1.2) of the alpha, and it is full of features, fixes and enhancements. A special thanks to @gigatex, @felix, and @gray for all their help with this release.

New features & enhancements :rocket:

  • Code-snippet syntax highlighting. Our first iteration supports native syntax highlighting for Kotlin, Javascript, Go, Python, Typescript, JSON, and CSS. (#989). _Thank you, @gigatex and @felix.
  • When creating a new page via mentions, the new page’s name will be the text typed afterwards. (#994)
  • When creating a new list item, it will inherit style properties from the previous list item after pressing the return key (#1017)
  • Enabled search-on-page for profile document (#1027)
  • Search text through media blocks (bookmark, link, file) (#1008)
  • Users can change a code block’s background colour (#1013)

Fixes & tech :fire_engine:

  • Should not delete a text block’s style properties when creating a mention inside this block (#699)
  • When the checkbox is checked, all text should have the same color, even if this text block has markup (#833)
  • When switching from reading mode to edit mode, create-mention trigger does not work (#1037)
  • When copying a text block to the clipboard, style properties are now also copied (#1015)
  • It’s impossible to open the linked text just after adding a link to this text (#883)
  • When navigating to a document via the navigation-structure screen, open this new document without passing by dashboard-screen (#1010)
  • Prevent from moving the link into the document that this link is pointing to (#1025)
  • Fix soft input visibility/focusing issues on Android 7.1 (#1029). Thank you, @gray.
  • Keyboard won’t show up in code snippet (#1024)
  • When changing image block’s indentation, image is not scaled correctly (#1021)
  • Setup for the upcoming login-with-QR-code feature (#822)

I will try to force myself to use it more so that I can give some feedback haha. This looks promissing!

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Hope we’ll meet your expectations! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: