Anytype Android 0.1.1 released

Hello there,

A warm thank you to our Android cohort. This is our third release of the alpha, and it is full of features, fixes and enhancements. A special thanks to @gray , @bzimor , @felix, @Amolith , and Thorsten for all their help with this release.

New features & enhancements :rocket:

  • Search on page. Search through text blocks — except the code block — on page (#990)
  • Images can now be full screen when tapped, allowing users to zoom in (#968). Thank you, Gray and Boburmirzo.
  • Disabled the animation for edit-mode in order to increase editor performance (#884)
  • Pressing the back button will now close the style toolbar, instead of closing the document, when back button pressed (#973). Thank you, Gray
  • Pressing Enter will now create a new line inside the code snippet (#970). Thank you, Felix and Boburmirzo.
  • Integrated the three dots divider (#978). Thank you, Amolith.

Design & UX :white_square_button:

  • Navigation icons updated (#992)

Fixes & tech :fire_engine:

  • Correctly restores the screen state when app returns from background (#985)
  • When scroll-and-move is enabled, blocks will now move according to document order, not order of selection (#971)
  • Emoji cross-platform sync issues :ghost: :x: :computer::iphone::arrows_counterclockwise::+1: (#969). Thank you, Amolith, Gray, Thorsten.
  • Fixed software keyboard visibility/focusing issues on Android 7 (#966). Thank you, Gray.
  • Changed minimum SDK to Android 24 (#976)
  • Cannot set carriage into an empty text block in large documents (#906)
  • When changing icon for a document, link block should not have overlaying images (#890)
  • Should show a correct error message when trying to move a block on the same position (#1007)