Anytype Android 0.1.0 released

Hello there,

We are delighted to begin sharing release notes for Anytype for Android. With this release, Anytype is now available (in alpha) on Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows. Just one more to go. :wink:

Special thanks to users @Amolith, Alex Ichim, @gray, and Felix for bugs, feedback, and suggestions.

Enhancements :rocket:

Users can use multi-select and scroll-and-move with code blocks (#892)

Mentions are now available inside all text blocks (except code block) (#939) Thank you, Amolith!

Users can now create both a new page and a mention pointing to this new page via the mention bottom sheet. (#631) Thank you, Felix!

Pressing the back button now closes the bottom mention suggestions sheet. (#631)

Design & UX :white_square_button:

Introducing orange, our latest accent colour! (#956)

There is a new design for the add-link-markup bottom sheet (#774)

We’ve changed some object names in the add-block and turn-into panels (#752)

Fixes & tech :fire_engine:

Prevent user from archiving profile document (#962)

Anytype will now show a toast message when the editor’s content is copied to the in-app clipboard. (#958) We toast user Alex Ichim!

Prevent view without focus from gaining focus on long click (#954)

URL markup now has the same colour as text block’s text colour (#818)

Automatic keyboard hiding via bottom toolbar just after typing results in losing text on-screen (#953)

Removing an image from document results in broken set-icon-flow logic (#951)

Set default text colour if the value is not present when processing text colour’s granular change (#946)

Include checked/unchecked changes in granular-change-update mechanism (#945) Hat-tip to user Felix!

New state handling for errors (observable subject). Show error only once (#943)

Remove flickering effect when opening navigation screen (#941)

Should focus the last empty text block when clicking under document’s blocks (#935) Thank you, Gray!

Clicking the empty space before a document is loaded should not crash the application (#930)

Focusing on application start may result in a crash for some users (#931)

Prevent data racing issues while calculating the diff between two lists on the home dashboard (#933)