Anytype and 'Smart' Content Sharing

I have been following the IPFS developement for a while and the thing that kept me interested was not only the data privacy but in equal the possibility of owning your Data to make a living from it.
The verified digital Identity was mentioned in Blogposts of IPFS, and also the platforms that try to build the platform for sharing content in a payed way for the creators or artists, like Audios.
I wonder if Anytype is interested in offering the possability to build the ability to share content via smart contratcs. So that i can put my settings for sharing into the smart contract and Anytype then grants the permission to the smart contract for the rights of sharing blocks and objects, sets and so on to certain verified digital Identities.
I thought about the API for this, but as it is about content-view-rights it needs to be from the App itself I guess.

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