Anytype and Nextcloud

Just read more about Nextcloud and the decentralisation VIsion of the Software. Checked the Serverintegration, where they also offer selfhosted and hosted possability. And I checked the security, data is encryptet end to end.
What I like very much with Nextcoud is the Collaboration via Video and the older Officesuite and Chatrooms. And a pretty strong and solid workflow for Teams because of that in combination with Wiki’s. But I can’t see Nextcloud as a personal Knowledge hub because of the missing Set-functionality and because there is no Graph-view of content.
How about a merging of the two projects? Or have an 100% exchange of Data where both Appsurfaces know what the data is in the other appfield and and for what and from where and so on. I don’t know about API capabilities here, technically sure its possable, but whats the incentive for someone to program this and what would be the quality of it.

EDIT: My questions stems out of the speed of developement. An Exchange rather then taking up what is done there. I heard you are sizing up in teamsize, but as I dont know what that exactly means i have to estimate with the current developement speed, where i find an exchange more appropriate then building the functionality in anytype yourself.

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