Anytype and Nextcloud

Just read more about Nextcloud and the decentralisation VIsion of the Software. Checked the Serverintegration, where they also offer selfhosted and hosted possability. And I checked the security, data is encryptet end to end.
What I like very much with Nextcoud is the Collaboration via Video and the older Officesuite and Chatrooms. And a pretty strong and solid workflow for Teams because of that in combination with Wiki’s. But I can’t see Nextcloud as a personal Knowledge hub because of the missing Set-functionality and because there is no Graph-view of content.
How about a merging of the two projects? Or have an 100% exchange of Data where both Appsurfaces know what the data is in the other appfield and and for what and from where and so on. I don’t know about API capabilities here, technically sure its possable, but whats the incentive for someone to program this and what would be the quality of it.

EDIT: My questions stems out of the speed of developement. An Exchange rather then taking up what is done there. I heard you are sizing up in teamsize, but as I dont know what that exactly means i have to estimate with the current developement speed, where i find an exchange more appropriate then building the functionality in anytype yourself.

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To Nextcloud:
In a recent Q+A sessions, there were questions about Nextcloud. The team has no intention to do something with Nextcloud. There will be a selfhostable sync server though.

@turquiseblue to dive into in what might be the reasoning by the Anytype team for this, I’m sharing some of my experiences with both Nextcloud and Anytype. Note that this is my personal experience and as I’m not part of the Anytype team I can’t really speak for them :wink: .

Nextcloud is a great piece (or collection) of software, but it is quite traditional in its setup. Its core functionality is built around storing and sharing files and although it is extensible with plugins for chat and video calling, its structure is quite rigid compared to Anytype. You see this back in the database structure used to store (meta) data: Nextcloud is using a centralized SQL-based database while Anytype is built around ThreadDB (if I’m not mistaken) stored in an IPFS (distributed file system), so your data is stored “equally” on every device you login to (acting as aother node in your network), while for Nextcloud, the central server (even when selfhosted) acts as the single source of truth.

I think it is for this fundamental difference in file system design there is not much use for the Anytype team to integrate with the Nextcloud project in any way. Of course, when the Anytype API is released, “the community” is free to build an integration with Nextcloud, for example to act as a backup node (as Nextcloud plugin).

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