Anytype 0.27.0 triggers Semantic Endpoint Protection

Hi @Anytype-Team

Thanks for this great job.
I’ve a problem with the install for this new version. The computer, on Win10 has a Symantec Endpoint Protection active, and consider that the new installer like a amlware and I can’t install it.
Is it a possibility to re-download an old version and upgrade with the internal upgrade ?

Thanks for sharing your issue here. I’ve split this to its own topic as think this should be filed as a bug. Even though you might be able to mark this hit as safe in the Endpoint Protection software (some option like “Trust this software” to override the block) it would still be interesting what part of the code or file system hooks triggers this hit.

Apart from that, to answer your question more directly, please find this similar thread on previous Anytype versions:

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to download previous versions of the software yet.

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Thank for the answer.
I found an old installer in the anytype2-updater and it’s OK

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Thanks for your feedback! I will leave this topic open as there might be a clue for the devs in the new release what triggers SEP.

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It’s probably categorized as a “downloader,” a small software that downloads larger allegedly malicious payloads. Most of those AVs aren’t that smart and trust who they have certs for and will warn otherwise.

Unfortunately Windows version is not signed by certificate yet, I think this could be the problem. I will make signed version a bit later.


I’m using MACOSX 10.13.6 on my mid-2011 MB Air. Ever since 0.27 was made available I’ve encountered an EP error. I tried local access and then moved on to trying various locations using VPN. Invariably I hit an EP error circa 138MB. I grabbed a screenshot. On my twenty-something try I have just been lucky and now have 0.27 working.

Yeh, It’s Ok for me this morning

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