Anytype 0.18 Released!

Hold onto your desks, this is a big one!

Previous updates focused on the unseen: bugs, sync, speed, and reliability. Those were difficult and necessary updates. It’s important Anytype’s foundation supports multiple object types and rich data views. With this release, however, you’ll begin to see some of the visual changes we’re putting in place for our next major release. We want Anytype to be a delightful experience for its users, and we hope you enjoy this sneak peek at what’s coming.

:sparkles: New Features

  • We’ve spruced up the interface with some design refreshments. We hope you’ll enjoy larger icons and object descriptions.
  • A new search pane, featuring full-text search that can find matches inside your objects & pages.
  • Markdown export. Located in Settings, you can now export your Anytype pages into markdown.
  • Greater page customisation options. Users can now change page alignment, and make changes to overall page size. This can be found in the · · · menu while editing a page on the top-right of Anytype.
  • You can now add/remove pages to/from the dashboard. Simply click the · · · menu from any page.
  • It can be tough to login to the mobile app with a mnemonic phrase, so you can do that with a QR code. Your unique QR code is found under Settings > Keychain phrase.

Please don’t share your keychain phrase or your QR code with anyone.

:sponge: Enhancements

  • Men-oeuvres. Menus will now flip vertically/horizontally when they run out of space.
  • Saved you a click. Sub-menus will now open on mouseover.
  • Link-to and move to functions are now available through the search pane.

:lady_beetle: Bug fixes

  • Backspace or delete would sometimes open the previous page instead of deleting blocks.
  • When you type title text, a letter may jump after the carriage. Not anymore! Thread:

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