Anyteam appreciation thread

I just watched the PARA tutorial @Charlotte shared recently (link below) and just wanted to say how refreshing these videos are - straightforward, clear and pleasant. Most videos about note-taking/PKMS apps are extremely superficial, rambling and messy (also it always seems like they’re more about the presenter/youtuber than about the app/topic itself).

I personally haven’t adopted Anytype yet, as I need it to be much more flexible and frictionless than it currently is (I’ve posted and commented about this in the forum before). I’m also not a fan of PARA, as I prefer my own system.

Regardless, I wanted to make this post to say I really appreciate the transparent , honest and objective way the entire AnyTeam communicates with your user base. That’s a huge asset you guys have.


@qualquertipo, you got me blushing!

Thank you for your kind words, truly. I can only speak for myself when I say that I’m still learning and experimenting with several different forms of communication to see what works, and am grateful to be supported by such a loving and receptive community in this process.

I believe I speak for my teammates when I say that the open and straightforward style of communication you observe here and in other channels, also reflects how we like to communicate internally. Your comment encourages us to keep it up, so thank you again :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Communication is the main reason I adopted anytype although it doesn’t meet 100% of my needs but I’m sure it will too soon (don’t you dare not to release Calendar in the next release :joy:).

I migrated from like 15 apps before starting to use Anytype, all of which don’t praise the adoption of such a warming community style for development and growth, they focus solely on the technical part without the user-centered aspect of it.


(shared this in our team channel)