Anysync Town-hall / AMA -- Wed. Feb. 22nd

Salutations Anytype Community :sparkles:

It’s time once again to prepare for our monthly Town-hall event! :classical_building:

:performing_arts: Theme: Our Infrastructure Team will discuss Anysync protocol, how offline collaboration, data storage & local sync will work in Anytype, and answer questions about technical implementation.

:spiral_calendar: Date: Wednesday, February 22nd at 18:00 (GMT +1)

:compass: Where: The event will be hosted with Zoom and is bookable on Calendly.

:studio_microphone: Team Members

:mantelpiece_clock: Schedule: The slot is reserved for 1.5 hours but we will aim for ~1 hour

  1. Welcome Community / Introduce Misha (~5 min)
  2. Anysync Presentation (~25+ min)
  3. AMA Segment / Community Dialogue (~30+ min)

:person_raising_hand: Community Participation
Everyone is welcome, and as usual, if you’re unable to attend, a recording will be shared here after.

  • Book your spot with Calendly :seat:
  • Comment below any questions, thoughts or concerns you’d like addressed during the AMA :memo:

We’re excited to see you there and answer your questions! :wave: :orange_heart:

Anysync Town-hall Recording Feb. 22 (Complete Presentation)


Thank you, looking forward to it.
I will probably have a question (or lots :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: ), but I don’t know what they are ahead of time since I have no idea what the changes are until you explain them.

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OK, I thought of one: how would Anysync compare to AutoMerge ?


Looking forward to this!
Hoping to answer these questions

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Will this one be recorded too?

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It sure will

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Where can I find the recording later tho?

We will add it to this topic :slight_smile:

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Question: “How are you going to address buggy accounts of long term users? After infrastructure migration, will there be an improved export function to move all data to a fresh account? Or will there be another solution to this?”


is this going on right now? i did not get any zoom info from Calendly in my email?

Same, didn’t get a link :frowning:

I did find it in the email. took a little digging.
It was great to have and watch the Town-hall meeting today! It was a birthday gift for me because today is my birthday!

The presentation was great! It was a little over my head for some of the technical stuff but, I do still like to check those details out.

I kinda want to see it in action. I am definitely a hands-on learner person.


How soon should we expect to be able to start using AnyType with the new Infrastructure?

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I think I read somewhere the target is about 6 months…

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Anton said in 6 weeks on Telegram


I also heard April 1st in the last Town Hall.

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Hey everyone, thanks for having joined us!

Apologies that the Calendly email was evidently not findable for many - we only discovered this issue after the call started. We’ll share the Zoom link directly in the announcement next time.

For those who weren’t able to make it, below is the link to the recording. It starts a few minutes into Misha’s presentation because I was too excited and forgot to press ‘Record’ - sorry for that!

Passcode: 7hm%6jA@

About rollout: Our new infra will be publicly available at the time we remove our waiting list, which we’re targeting in 2 release cycles. We will be ramping up internal testing in the coming weeks to assess performance and migration processes. In the meantime, please keep reporting bugs as we want to make sure things are working as smoothly as possible.

PS - Happy happy birthday, @Jason_Eleazar :partying_face:


Why does this recording and the last start like 20min after the meeting started? Those who can’t watch live are missing some of the meeting.

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Hey, I understand this is frustrating. As stated above it was a simple mistake. Excluding the late start and introduction, the actual missed part of the presentation was about 4-5 minutes, not 20. We’re preparing public documentation on our sync protocol to be released along with our beta launch, so it won’t be necessary to rely on recordings to get information on how it works.

Thanks for your feedback - we’ll do better next time.