Any way to import from while keeping relations and structure?

I absolutely love how anytype feels, but there is one issue that’s preventing me from using it as my main software for notes / second brain.

After creating my profile, I took my obsidian folder and made it into a .zip, which I could then import to anytype. But now, instead of everything being nice and linked like it was in obsidian, all links are broken. This is because while most markdown based apps like Obsidian or LogSeq use [[brackets]] to create a link, anytype uses @at-symbols. Now everything is tied to the home node and nothing is connected as it should be.

Is there a way to import .md structures in a way that keeps the links?

Also, is it possible to give multiple files an object type? All my daily notes are scattered around, and I can’t find a way to mark all of them as diary pages that’s not manually editing every single one of them.


There is a plugin in Obsidian called Wikilinks to MDLinks to transform the [[wikilinks]] to [mardownlinks]() .
GitHub - agathauy/wikilinks-to-mdlinks-obsidian: An Obsidian md plugin which allows for the conversion of individually selected wikilinks to markdown links, and vice versa.

So you can change all the type of links before zipping your vault and import it.
Can this help you ?

I always wonder if a complete import from one app to another is a good idea. No matter how “open” the data is there are always specific things that won’t work, give problems or conflict with the new app you import your data in. Every app is just different, one way or another.

Personally I take the oppertunity when I switch apps to clean my notes and update them to the full capabilities of the new app. For example, make sets, clean links and remove old data. Update the layout of my notes, stuff like that. But yes, that takes time but that works best in my opinion.


I have the same problem with OP

After converting the [[wikilinks]] to [markdownlinks](), the links try to open a https://<markdownlink> in my browser instead of opening the local files in anytype.

This doesn’t seem to work.

Anytype version: 0.35.15-beta, Linux