Any predictions as to when public "publishing" might be possible?

Hello. I’ve made the jump - and I already love Anytype, even though we’re supposedly still in beta. I’m now fully invested and have transferred (so far) over 3000 notes from Notion, along with additional notes I had started taking in Craft and some left-over notes in NoteJoy that I had never managed to transfer to Notion yet. So I’ve psychologically made the jump. But I’ll admit – from both Notion and Craft, I so much miss the ability to designate a note as visible to a) a select group and/or b) the public (when I desire to do so, of course). Obviously, we all appreciate the “local first” nature of AnyType. It’s so much faster than anything else for this reason. But - any idea when we might have the option of “publishing” something? I know it’s on the road map - but can anyone predict a more certain date? In some cases, maybe I should go back to Craft to “tide things over” if it’s going to delay too long. Bottom line: That’s a critical part of my work flow that I’m missing, now that I’ve transitioned to Anytype.

Please keep up the good work. We appreciate you!

I will be sure to become a paying member when you make a premium plan available. I think we all need to do whatever is necessary to make sure this monetizes well so we keep you flowing with coffee and breakfast and life for perpetuity!



Have you voted here yet? :smile:

Web App / Web Client

Thanks so much! Didn’t even imagine it wouldn’t already be part of the core plan. It’s so central to the vision of Craft - I just assumed everyone would want the ability to (selectively) make such posts. I’m so glad you alerted me to this. I tried to vote 150 extra times, but it would only let me vote once,

My only hope is that I can participate in a plan to help Anytype be monetized properly through this feature… because we need Anytype to stay healthy!


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Hi @douglucas publishing to web is something we consider to bring to Anytype next year in some form. It will not have all the functions because it is limited by web2 world but at least we have a plan to introduce readonly access in browser.


Oh wow - I was thinking it would be “multi-player” on the web too.

And I had thought the roadmap suggested we might see “publish to the web” by year’s end. Looks like I’ll have to keep Craft for SURE. Well thanks for being honest.

We are striving to ship it by the end of this year and it is a current plan. But it could take some time to integrate and polish.

OK… That’s encouraging. We want to cheer you on and encourage you. Please know - it will unleash a LOT of new capacity once it’s done. Thank you for your work!


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I guess, since my job demands this workflow today, I’ll discontinue AnyType for now - but I’ll keep an eye on it for the future. Thanks for the responses.