Any advice for recording simple information with tag and relations

When I build a Set, I realize I have to create many objects in it. But sometimes I just want a simple table with tag.

It’s awkward that Simple-table just support text (no tag), while Sets makes me generate many objects which I don’t use very frequently. I wonder how I can have them both. (Yeah I’m a little greedy. :rofl:)

For example, I’d like to build a table (like database in Notion) for super heroes. If I just use simple-table to record them, I cannot use the tag for company, of course I can manually type the company name (and change the background color) like this

In this case, I don’t want to create three (even more) objects for each of these super heroes.

If I use Set to organize these records, there will be many empty objects (pages) with just a title and tags. In addition, these object will also show in the graph. Once I build many tables like this. the size of graph will grow fast.

In conclusion, I’m seeking a balance between these two solutions. For now, to avoid creating many idle objects, I prefer to build a simple table, manually write down some tags, and treat column as relation. Of course, I have to sacrifice the flexibility, like sorting and filter in Set.

Database-like experience coming really soon (1 or 2 product releases) we call it collections. It will be basically the same UI/UX like sets but instead of using query to search for your objects it is just user defined list of objects, like you know database. Hope it resolve your request.


Oh! I remember that I’ve ever read one of your posts about Collection. I totally forget about it. :joy: Thanks for your reply! I will be looking forward to it.

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