Another sidebar on the right


I recommend adding another sidebar on the right.


Same as it’s done with the current sidebar.


This would especially be good with the new sidebar that we’ll be getting soon where we’ll be able to fully customize it with widgets. Usually the text or the canvas is in the middle and there is a lot of unused space on the left and right. Sidebars help mitigate this and Obsidian is a great example. One problem with obsidian is that you can only add tabs to the sidebars, so if you have a tab that only has a small amount of info, it would still take the whole sidebar. The new Anytype widgets seem like they shouldn’t have this problem though.


Obsidian sidebars


Hey @Filip, thanks! What info would you like to see on the right sidebar that’s missing on the left now?


I’ll give you an example on how I use the sidebars in Obsidian. On the left I usually put stuff that concern my whole vault. Stuff like favorites, recents and sets in Anytype are a good example. But on the right, I like to put things that concern the current object. Things like backlinks, outgoing links, outline of the object and many more advanced features.

Currently it makes no sense to implement this, but it would make a lot more sense with the new sidebar design that will use widgets.
Also, the right sidebar might be useful as a second pane/panel. Apps like Logseq and maybe Roam used it like that.

Here are some more examples of widgets that might be useful:


I like the idea and recently saw Capacities redesign their right sidebar. This means that the one on the right is only used for additional information, such as the table of contents, linked objects, and text stats.

I think the new sidebar in Anytype is great for overall navigation for your space. But when it comes to Table of contents and additional info on a per-object basis, a sidebar on the right would come in handy. I thinks the UX would be better compared to the non persistent relations pop up on the right side, which you can currently open to edit relations.

Maybe this is a freature request for a later stage, but since we get the widget system on left sidebar, maybe it’s not even that complicated to implement it on the left as well. :eyes:

Regarding usability of Table of Contents: Currently, a huge amount of chapters, let’s say for a book, is rather a painful experience. I have to scroll down for way too long until i reach the actual content. :pensive:

At the same time, when jumping to chapter 7 for example, let’s say i want to jump to chapter 3.2 now. Its not possible to do this instatly because i lost the ToC out of sight. A right sidebar would dramatically improve this.
This is what I mean:


Yes!! I agree with this. Painful :smiley:
I like how nimbus note made the outline works. I made a separated request here. I believe this is what you are looking for too.

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it would be a simple toggle to show or hide the outline that corresponds with the Htags on the documents as mentioned by jannis.

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Rather than just repeating information from the main panel, I would like to see one (or maybe multiple sidebar overlays) that could contain:

  • tabs (when we get them)

  • metadata that is not typically visible on the main panel, such as content length, creation date, last modified date, tags

  • list of objects linked to and linked from

  • list of objects that contain current object

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