Announcing: Anytype Testers Group 🤩

Hi there, lovely community! :blossom:

To make sure we’re building the right product for you, we’re kicking off the Anytype Testers Group. We’d love if you’d join us! Here’s the gist:

What it is: This is intended as a group of people who are okay with us reaching out with research/interview requests as we’re ideating on new features. In signing up for this group, you would be adding your name to a mailing list where we ask for your participation in upcoming interviews - maximum frequency of mail is twice a month.

Normally, our research consists of a 30-45 min video call where we ask a series of open-ended questions and observe how you use the current product or high-fidelity prototypes. Interviews are opt-in; this group is only a way of letting us know you’re okay with us periodically contacting you.

Why we’re doing it: We often find ourselves reading feedback about the app, and wishing we could speak directly to the authors. As we come up with ideas to address the pain points that are raised in our Community, we would also like to validate our solutions so we know we’re on the right path. Interviewing and watching people use the app real-time provides deeper insight into problems and how to solve them.

Who we’re looking for: Anyone who enjoys using Anytype and would like to have a direct hand in shaping the product.

How to sign up: Using this link!

Thanks for your support and hope to see you soon! :smile_cat:


So, the survey just adds us to a mailing list and then we decide if we wish to be interview later?

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Wouldn’t it good if you have a telegram group where you could show prototypes (like a demo in loom or in figma) and get feedbacks with surveys, questions and discussions?


In practice, yes. The idea is to have a group of people we know are okay with us reaching out every few weeks with an ask, like: ‘Hey we’d like to dig a little deeper into how you use Anytype mobile’, or ‘Hey we have this prototype to address X problem and we’d like to schedule some shadow sessions to see how it holds up’, etc.

Definitely open to adjusting the format based on feedback once we’ve got this up and running, the issue (as I see it) is that not everyone uses Telegram from our Community; same with forums and Discord and any other channel. For now e-mail is the most universal and straightforward way of reaching people, but maybe our testers will prefer a different channel - we’ll need to verify :slightly_smiling_face:


This could be another perk of an “Anytype Testers Group”: unified platform for communication. People going for this should be okay with having to use a certain platform maybe?

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Is the dialog only in English? I am a native speaker of another language :frowning:

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Would love to participate in surveys if there is one.

Also, not to add pressure, but I think fixing sync issues should be prioritized along with adding new features. It’s hard to test features if you can’t use the app for real life use cases, and you can’t do that if data is not syncing properly.

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Working on a well working sync function is actually one of the main priorities, right now.


Our product team is happy to converse in English, Russian, Mandarin, and so-so Italian :slight_smile:

Nice idea, maybe for lesser time commitment we can share feature-specific surveys in the community regularly to get some quick feedback.

Thanks @Flip :wink:

@Kerstie I hear you - regarding sync/feature prio, we do have a dedicated (infrastructure) team working full-time on sync so we can release.

Meanwhile, the product & design teams will still continue to push out features and try to make sure that when release time comes, we’ll have the most polished product possible. Appreciate your patience! :slight_smile:


Wait who speaks Italian in the product team?

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Ehilà :wave: Was living in Italy with my partner before moving to Berlin. Never did a research interview in Italian though, I think that would be quite a jump from chats with my in-laws. But who knows - maybe it’s time to try? :smile_cat:


Ehi! Cool to know that there is some indirect Italian influence in the team :laughing:


Do you search user with daily experience and/or deep understanding of your product or anyone can help?

From last year I’ve left one topic in Anytype and Anytype only.
My idea was to keep using it through the different version updates to understand when functions and reliability are enough for my daily use, but in reality I rarely use Anytype because of little spare time.

I do most of my note taking, search and draft and keep a knowledge base with Notion and Goodnotes.

Cheers from Italy!


Hi! If/when you’re up for it, I would love to speak with you to understand how you’ve incorporated Notion and Goodnotes into your routine, and what are the challenges that keep prevent Anytype from becoming a daily-use tool. Here’s a link we can use to find a time :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t have availability for calls/conversations (as much as I’d love to!), since the time I can spend with AT is very sparse.

If however you guys set up some sort of asynchronous feedback system, I’m happy to contribute whenever I can. For example, a link to a short feature-specific survey, or to some prototype.


Then I subscribe. I can only speak Russian.


If it’s about understanding what is Anytype missing to be a daily use tool I can help, especially if you need a comparison with Notion/Obsidian.


I’d be really interested to hear your perspective on this!
Feel free to use the same link as above :sunflower:

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Hi kerbless,
thank you!
I’m interested, but at the moment I haven’t got the time to switch over from my current reliable setup.
My desire is to get back to offline first and I’d like to check out Obsidian and Logseq too.

Maybe I’ll PM you in the future if you’ll still have time.

I signed up. hopefully I didn’t make a duplicate. one of the problems with these Typeform subscriptions is I can never remember (and don’t have a way to check) if I’ve done a particular one of them yet.
In the future, could we have a place to manage our subscriptions/survey responses (even if view only)? Perhaps an AnyType set?

Just to note, the embedded Calendly in the Typeform isn’t working anymore, but the other link (Calendly - Charlotte C.) still works.