Android menu

I just wanted to point out that I find the android menu (specifically the select block option) very clever. I don’t think there is a way to implement all the app options better in phone. It’s fast and intuitive, and you can almost do everything with it. Since the first time I used it it gave me a great impression, and I deeply think it is a success!

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I like it too but some things bug me: for example, it takes way too long to access the undo/redo buttons.

But maybe that menu could be two rows instead of one, and a dedicated undo and a dedicated redo button right there, without having to horizontal scroll or tap anything else?

Hmmm, you have a point. I wouldn’t know how to optimize it tho

I have two suggestions to optimize:

  1. Consolidate the “icone”, “cover”, and “layout” menu items into a single one, let’s say “display” or “look and feel”. Yes it will take an extra tap to access these, but how often do we change the cover photo of an object? If it’s not that often, then it doesn’t need to be so prominent in the menu.

  2. Separate “undo/redo” into two buttons: “undo” and “redo” (exactly the same as they are when you currently tap “undo/redo”, and have those two buttons as an extra row at the bottom of the menu. And when you tap on either undo or redo, everything on top disappears, so you can see your canvas to continue undoing and redoing.


A lot of taps required.

If I need to open mentioned Bookmark as an object, I should:

  • start an editor mode (tap anywhere in object content)
  • select the text block to open Android menu
  • then select needed mentioning
  • unselect text block
  • scroll to option

Just for 1 task…