Android Landscape Support

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I typically use my Android tablet in landscape mode with a keyboard. I am not able to use the Android Anytype application for note taking using my tablet as it only seems to support portrait mode.

Describe the solution you’d like

When I enable auto-rotation and rotate my device to landscape mode, the UI should update to reflect the new orientation.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Stick to the Windows and Android phone versions of Anytype.


Update for alternative solutions:

If you have an Android device that has Samsung Dex, Anytype does display correctly in landscape mode.

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It’s a cool proposal, thanks!

We disabled the ability to rotate the application during the development of the first releases.

I think we can check it and enable it in the next versions.


@riazaku, thanks for writing that. Did you use bluetooth keyboard with Anytype?

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I wanted to add another reason why it is impolite to disrespect the user’s rotation choice:

I have an Onyx Boox Max 3, which has a somewhat customized version of android because the screen is electrophoretic, and Android assumes color screens among other bad assumptions. This customized version of android gets confused when the user (me) sets it to landscape, and then the app forces portrait. When I try to change the orientation in this state, the buttons on my orientation changer Do the wrong things because the screen is in an abnormal state.

Hey there. I just want to mention that switching the orientation to landscape on Android is possible using an app called (Rotation Control)[]. Most of the app’s interface works correctly in landscape using this app, but typing using the onscreen keyboard is a bit borked. Let’s hope a proper, native landscape mode is implemented in the near future.

Hi Vova,
Is it still being considered to allow landscape on Android? I travel quite a lot so much of my work is done on a tablet in landscape with a Bluetooth keyboard. Landscape would be most helpful! :+1:

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Cheers for bringing this up @riazaku :beers:

I was sort of stunned a couple of nights ago as I was laying in bed sick, and trying to at least consume some tech on video. I had my tablet on a suspension arm and I wanted to capture a couple quick notes. I was successfully using several apps intermittently (from landscape mode) and when I opened up Anytype, it didn’t rotate and I checked that I had auto-rotate on. I figured it was some issue with my tablet. I later tried my Android phone and it wouldn’t rotate either.

Of course, I’ve never posted here yet so I did a search and found that you had brought up the issue quite some time ago! I was unfortunately, further stunned as I read through the thread…

Granted, I don’t happen to need to use Anytype in landscape mode, but, it would have been a perfect opportunity. I just used Obsidian for the task at hand.

On the flip side, this is a beautiful software project and hope that it gets it’s full chance to shine!

+1 for this feature, landscape mode for a tablet with physical keyboard would be a great plus.