Android - Could not parse path to your image

Describe the bug

When adding an icon or cover I receive the error “Could not parse path to your image”.

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Add icon on any page
    1. Choose “Google Photos” as application
    1. Search for photo to add
    1. Select photo
    1. Receive error

Expected behavior

The photo will be used for upload

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Android 11

Additional context

My feeling here is that the photos I’m using in google photos are not on the device at time of selection. Google photos downloads them at time of selection which is where the application fails.

Just to be sure we have all the info to investigate, what device (phone) do you have?


I have a OnePlus6T.

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Hey @matthewsorensen :wave: Can you please check if you can still reproduce this issue in the latest version of the Anytype android app - v0.6.1?

It works and doesn’t work.

Google Photos is my gallery app:

  1. If the selected image on my device the photo works as expected
  2. If the selected image is part of my cloud backups, but not currently on the device the error still occurs.
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Still happens on Anytype for Android 0.9.0 when selecting a photo that is not yet on the device. It does say it is downloading the photo, but then shows the error.

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@mordan seems to be resolved on 0.10.0.

Really? My image was not loaded (

I saw a loading icon in the search bar when I selected a large image. For other images it is quite fast. I made a recording to make sure we are taking about the same thing.