Android app sluggish

Android app is very sluggish in general. Often I need to tap an UI element a few times before it responds.

For example, this happens when I create new items in a Set, by clicking on the +. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The + always flashes to reflect the tap. But sometimes nothing is created.

But the sluggishness happens everywhere else too. There is no other app I use that feels so slow and/or unresponsive.

Android 8.1
Moto G 5s
Anytype 0.6.1

Could you share (an estimate of) how many objects you have in your Anytype account?

Sure! Almost none.

I’m not using AT for my notes yet, so I just do tests.

I currently have 2 big pages (copy/paste from wikipedia articles for 2 countries) and dozens of tiny tests in various note types (with just one line or a couple of blocks).


With such a small number of pages I would not expect the app to be sluggish or laggy. I do think the Moto G 5s is an older (the model is approaching its fifth anniversary) and lower-end smartphone. As you mentioned you do not experience similar issues with other apps: what other kinds of apps are you using? On my almost 5y old phone, a Huawei Mate 10 Pro, I sometimes notice some less-smooth screen transitions, but I have that with all apps (even the browser :frowning: ), so it might just be the hardware in my case.

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Yeah it’s a relatively old model, but all apps I use run fine on it.

Anyway, I don’t mean the kind of sluggishness you get from a slow phone.
It feels like something to do with the app itself (take my comments with a grain of salt… not a developer!).

For example, every time Google Maps adds new features, it runs a bit slower on my phone. Things take longer to load etc. However, it always works. Once things are there, the UI is responsive. If I tap on something, I get feedback that something is happening (or going to happen) etc. On Anytype the app just feels… glitchy.


It would be great if you could provide more information.
I will say right away that this will require some additional steps if you are willing to put in the time.

What should be done:

  1. Activate developer mode
    Developer options

  2. Enable GPU rendering in Developer Options. Color bars will appear
    检查 GPU 渲染速度和过度绘制  |  Android 开发者  |  Android Developers

  3. Record on video scenarios in which the application is slow.
    The best way to do this is to install Android Studio and connect by wire to a computer and record video
    Record a video  |  Android Developers

If it’s too difficult, you can try to record your phone screen from another phone.

  1. Send the video to me in direct messages

Thank you very much for your helping.

Ok! Will post here if I manage to do it

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Was the info provided elsewhere?

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Good one. I had forgotten about this. I have a new phone now (a Pixel 5). Not experiencing the issues from my OP. So maybe my old phone was just too slow.

By the way, in one of my comments I mention that tapping the + in a Set doesn’t consistently create new entries in the grid. I just tried that and again couldn’t see entries being created. But then I realized they were being created, but I need to scroll down every time. In other words, Anytype mobile doesn’t automatically scroll to show the newly created entry on top (which should be the behaviour in my opinion).

Not sure if this is what was happening before (and I just didnt notice)… Regardless, I’m happy to have my OP marked as Solved.

Would you create a new topic for that?


Will do! Thanks! (Filler, as my reply needs to have 20 characters :wink: )

PS: for completeness sake, here’s the post

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