Android app goes blank on opening specific objects


I’ve had 2 objects, one of which, when opened in the Android app results in a blank frozen screen.


I don’t think the issue can be consistently reproduced. But the page in question had 4 simple tables one of which had 30-40 rows with texts, inline code, inline URLs and emojis.


The object to be accessible in the android app


  • OS: Android 12.1
  • Anytype Version: 0.10.0 - Android


Opening the object Android tweaks results in the following blank screen

Edit: The issue is still reproducing after the 0.10.0. However, the original object from which the issue was reported is accessible but two other different objects of the same type is not accessible anymore. One of them is a simple object with 5 files and 5 bookmarks.

Hi @lynxlove were you able to reproduce this another time? Based on your bug report it sounds like you suspect the (number of) simple tables could have been a source of the issue.

Yes, I did reproduce it again. I deleted the previous object and created a new one. This time however, the object did not disappear but is still not viewable on the android app. I used the same content as that of the last time. There are multiple blocks in the object, so not sure which one’s triggering the bug.

Edit: The contents of the object are not personal so I’m okay with sharing it if it helps in troubleshooting the issue

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@lynxlove Hi! If it is possible, please share it with me in DM

Shared it in DM

Hey @lynxlove! Is this issue still relevant?
We can’t reproduce it :frowning: As I can see this topic has only one like so I assume that this is a single failure.