Android App Bundle, APK & Anytype Android on Google Play

To keep up with the latest technologies, Anytype Android is now targeting the latest API 31, which means that we’re adopting Android App Bundle (AAB) format, which is a new standard for distribution. You will be able to receive these updates on Google Play.

For those of us, who prefer not to use Google Play, we stay in touch. Instead of AAB, we’ll be delivering APKs for the two most common device architectures: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a. This will save you some space on your device by including only the code that is needed for your device architecture. This will also reduce download size when updating.

If your device does not support these architectures, you’ll be able to download an APK, including several system architectures, which should be supported by all devices. The drawback of this type of apk is an increased apk size and a larger application size.


Nice! To be honest, after the first install, I never updated the Android app because I didn’t want to go through the whole process again…

How should I proceed to get that version? Can I actually download it from Google Play?

Yes, The devs said once the app is uploaded to play store in few days, they’ll post the link to it so moving forwards, you can update the app through the store rather than doing it manually.


Cool, thanks!

Out of curiosity, how do you know that? Was it posted in Discord?
I can barely keep up with Anytype here in the forums - I’m not even considering also following Discord :slight_smile:

Telegram :wink: Someone asked if the app is live on the play store for which the team replied that they’ll share the links once it is live

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Ah ok. Thanks.
So many channels!

Anytype is finally available on Google Play:

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