Am I correct in assuming there is no simple way to delete these items?

Hello, I’m new to Anytype and am still trying to get a grip on it but after importing stuff from Notion I’m left with these items. I’ve searched a little bit around the forum and got the feeling there is no simple way to delete this? Am I correct? I still find it very confusing as my main screen is completely empty so I can’t tell where these files are ‘‘stored’’. I would appreciate any help.

Yes, there is no simple way to delete them for now. You have to move them one by one to the bin and then bulk delete from there. The reason why the objects are not getting listed in the dashboard is because the dashboard now only contains tabs for Favorites, Recents (History),Sets and Bin.One way to access these object is to create a set of that type and the set will list all the object of this type.

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Ah now I get it. It gets significantly faster to delete these items through a set. Thanks!