Alternative Object Duplication Shortcut/Method

Alt Object Duplication Shortcut/Method

When duplicating these, they do not duplicate into a new page and create a link to the same page instead.
How it could be done

A fix for this would be another duplicating keybind shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + D) to duplicate it into an entirely new page as if you did /page but much faster.
Real World Use Cases

This would save alot of time trying to organise and create object links when creating a new project with many different features, tables and other styles of organising/planning for projects.

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Hi @NeedlessEscape, thanks for submitting your feature request. Could you please stick to the template that is provided when creating a new request? This helps us to easily identify whether all relevant information was provided.

Now, for the request itself: do I understand correctly you would like to see a duplication method that also creates a link in the original Object to the new Object?

Yeah, if I am understanding you correctly. It was because when I duplicated them all I didnt realise they all link to the same object. I started putting the titles on and realise they were all the same lol. Ill fix it right now.

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Objects by default are not linked in any way. There are two methods to link with very different end results:

  • Link with a hyperlink: if you click the link on one Object, you go to another Object.
  • Link with Relations: if you have multiple Objects that share one or more Relations they can be found in the same Set but they are not linked but you can use a Relation value to link to another Object. For example, add a Relation “Author” to a Book Object and add an Object of Type “Author” as a value for that Relation to make a link.