Alternative Installer for Linux


Appimages are not well integrated with Linux desktop environments. It’s also not suitable for installing/uninstalling via command line, which most Linux users prefer to do.

Proposed Solution

Building a Flatpak package and making it available at Flathub will be ideal, which will allow both command-line and graphical installation, and better integration with Linux Desktop.

Alternative Solutions

Making it available via the package managers (such as apt, pacman etc.) will be even better. But it’s understandable if the developers don’t want to package it for every possible flavors of Linux at the current stage. Flatpak, being distro-agnostic, is a more reasonable choice.


+1 for flatpak.

Just not snap… please…


I do second that a lot.

Although i guess this will have to wait for the code to be open sourced once Anytype is publicly released.

And yes, ideally :

  • platform-specific package manager
  • if not, flatpak
  • and please try to avoid snap :wink:

I’d go further and say: no snap, never.

Flatpak is ideal, much more than an installation package (via dnf, apt, pacman, etc.), because it works perfect in every distro, specially on my Fesora Silverblue :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: . Furthermore, it’d sand-boxed and would keep up with the AppImage we have today, but better.

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