Allow users to add blocks next to each other (horizontally)

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
If I want to create a block in a new column, I first need to create the block in a new row, and then move it by dragging it to the end of the row that I want the new column to be created. The “+” icon only appears for new rows but not for new columns


Describe the solution you’d like
Show the same icon with a vertical line to add new columns at the beginning or end of a row. Like a new row is added for the full width, I think a new column should be added for either the full height of the canvas, or only for the block that you are hovering your mouse over/close to.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Allow clicking the “+” icon to start adding a new column, and then drag the mouse down to indicate over which rows the column needs to span.

Additional context