Allow user to initiate full sync and sync for a particular object

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I frequently see that the data cannot be synced across different devices. Sometimes when I added a new object in one computer, I cannot see the object in another computer. I have to wait hours or even days to see it in the second computer.
Recently, I reset one of my computer, but cannot sync the data from the server (see Cannot sync data de novo from the backup server).

Describe the solution you’d like
These problem might be caused by potential bugs of anytype or network problems. However, allowing users to initiate forced (full) sync will help to resolve the problems, rather than sitting there to wait and nothing can be done.
For full sync, we can add a Sync data entry in anytype menu, while sync for a particular page can be done by add a entry to the popup menu of synced status on the top right. At the mobile end, they can be initiated by swipe done gesture at homepage or a particular object.


I miss having this option as well.

I think there is a post for this in the forum already.

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