Allow to hide checked items

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

No, it’s not a problem, more a specific use case that will keep me from completely switching from other apps — thus my feature request.

Describe the solution you’d like

I would like to have an option to hide/show checked/done items from a page. Also, it would be nice if checked items were styled with a line-through (this gives me peace of mind, a more clear view of what no longer needs attention).

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

My alternative is to keep my lists where they are for now (Workflowy, to be precise).

Additional context

Specifically, I use this feature a lot for shopping lists and travel lists. I have a set list of groceries for example, and I go over it at home to uncheck the things I need to buy (checked items viewable). Then when I’m actually at the store, I just need to see unchecked items (checked items hidden), as seeing everything really clutters my list and makes following a lot more complicated.

Thanks in advance!


This! I’d like this as well, great suggestion!

It’ll also be great if the ability to delete checked items after a set period of time can be implemented; I think that’ll complete the full automated to-do list portion.

@miren in the recent sets update, you could create a view that does not show the completed tasks, only those that are open

Yeah, I do think having both the “heavy” Sets-based (database) approach for tasks, as well as a “lighter” checkbox-based one is good. And ideally the checkbox approach would have an option to hide completed. But at least there is another option now, for a full tasks workflow.

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This is just my suggestion :

Maybe ability to link tasks to certain object to another and when we check-off the task it automatically goes to that object as completed task. So we can see which tasks are done but can also hide it from the original task view.

I can also put the Completed Task “toggler” at the end of the Page or maybe link it some other page.

Like making the task hide or morph the task into other objects to act as hidden object. This would be much cooler with lots of possibility… Not exactly like a Sync Block (like notion has)… but somthing similar but more powerful …

I know it not possible in Anytype YET but I would love to see something like this.


@Sedulous Would your suggestion be similar to/achievable with inline sets (not available yet!) underneath/in a toggle block?

Umm I’m not sure because I don’t know how devs are going to implement those inside the toggle in the release, so this might be different but still I dont know :man_shrugging: