Allow Set views to be customized on mobile

On mobile (Android) each entry takes 2 lines - first line is for the first column (which is always the Object name), and second for the other Relations. Although this is an interesting solution for keeping the first column always visible while the user scrolls horizontally, to me this is confusing and non-intuitive. I’d like the option to have each entry take a single line (ie., normal height, not double).

There could still be an option to make first column sticky (again, with normal height, one line only), but user should be allowed to choose width (to which the contents of the cell would be cropped to), or just set it to automatically adjust to width of cell with longest content.

The thing is, often the first column isn’t the most important one. I’d like the option to not have the first column be sticky. Even better if we could choose not to show the “name” column in a certain Set/View (or at least not force it to show first).


@qualquertipo would you agree to renaming the topic to better reflect your requests? Something like: “Allow Set views to be customized on mobile”

Your request seem to contain two separate parts:

  • Show Set entries on a single line (for example with a setting to toggle between single-line and multi-line view in Set View setting)
  • Allow column width to be adjusted on Android/mobile (I always find it difficult to use a touch screen to exactly touch the right place on the screen to adjust column width, so maybe pressing and holding the column could activate a "column edit mode that allows dragging to reorder and adds large grips to allow changing width)

The “name” or “title” column might not the one that the user would like to be sticky, so I would like to add to allow the user to select the column to be sticky in the same “column edit mode/menu” that I described above.

Sure, go ahead! (or let me know if you want me to do it)

Thank you!

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Describe the bug
The title kind of overflows on the table view as on this screenshot :

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a set with a table view
  2. Create an object in this set with a long title
  3. Open the android app and see the title overflow

Expected behavior
It should not overflow.

System Information:

  • OS: Lineage OS Heart RQ3A.211001.00110037816 (this is a nightly build of Android 11) with Magisk and MicroG installed
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: Lenovo Z5 Pro GT (also called “heart”)
  • Anytype Version: v0.4.4 (latest version available at the time of writing)

The title uses a separate row all for itself and this seems to be a design choice by the mobile team. When you have several relations, and you have scrolled all the way to the end of the row, there should be a way for you to know for what page the relations are for, so the team seem to have made the title row sticky and when you scroll, only the other relations gets scrolled thereby making the title visible always

Current behavior when scrolled

Without Sticky titles

@Eban would it be OK if I merge your topic with this one?