Allow moving of pages and blocks to different pages on the home screen

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

On my home screen I have an inbox where I like to just jot down quick notes or chuck links or images that don’t fit anywhere at first. All good. The problem comes in when I want to actually categorize the blocks or pagees in the inbox and move them to another page that’s on the anytype home screen, I can’t. It just shows a loading screen on desktop that never finishes and on android I can only move it within the current page also.

This is frustrating because it makes me want to just create one page on the home screen and call it a dashboard and link to all my other pages there but the way anytype home screen is set up prompts you to set up different pages

Describe the solution you’d like

To be able to move pages and blocks across to other pages that are on the homescreen.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

I’ve tried linking to the other page on the current page i’d want to edit but it seems there’s a bug where I can’t even link pages when I mention them, it doesn’t bring any drop down menus (will write a bug report).

Additional context

I want to sent images for context but for some reason it says “uploading files of this type is not allowed” for both png and jpg so yeah.

@Mukanzi Please upload your screenshots to an image hosting service.


So first I select a page or block that I want to move:

[First Step](

Then I press home so that it can show all the pages i’d have on my home screen:

[Second Step](

And then it gets stuck on this loading screen:


@Mukanzi Then this is not a feature request but a bug report. I could not reproduce it: When I click Home, it lists all the pages on my home screen.

@BGray Damn. Okay thanks, let me change it to a bug report

Update, did a fresh reinstall of anytype and it fixed these issues