Allow grouping objects to properly display side-by-side text on mobile

When creating side-by-side text on a desktop, e.g. similarly to a table where you have two columns then bullet points in each column, it looks like so:

This is what I expect to see.

But on mobile, since there is no way to group the title and bullet list, it is displayed like so:

As you can see, the titles are displayed first, then both the bullet lists, which makes it very unclear, where one list ends and another begins and where each bullet point belongs.

Is there a way to mark parts of text as belonging together, or adding a longer split in the middle that would span both the title and the bullet list?


I completely agree. This is much needed. I know that with the new simple tables one could plan structuring all info in tables, but that should be an option only, not a requirement to correctly display info on mobile.

Thanks for feedback, 100% agree, added this to our backlog :massage_man:

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Could not reproduce this on the latest android version.
Could you try again please and provide more info to reproduce :rice_scene:

In my case the titles were separate from the bullet points. After seeing that this is already implemented I tried dragging one of the bullet points to the title and it worked. Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: Wanted to update the title to mark as finished, but apparently I can’t do that.

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