Allow for option to customize the day on which the week starts

Currently when using the date-picker, the week starts on Sunday, this is very counter intuitive if you’re used to it starting on Monday (or any other day). An option to change this would be very nice!


Indeed, I always get confused, my muscle memory goes to the “monday” spot but it’s actually Sunday hahaha

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Everyone has their own preference about datetime formatting and calendar settings (like Sunday or Monday as first day of week, show/hide week numbers)

Describe the solution you’d like
Make sure the datetime picker follows the host system locale where possible with at least the “first day of the week”

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Other configuration items could be:

  • Show/hide week numbers in the datetime picker

Additional context
I think a toggle to “follow system locale” would be great, and when turned off, the user is allowed to deviate from the locale settings.