Allow dates without Year

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For some cases, such as recording the Birthday of a contact, one does not always know the year when someone was born.

Describe the solution you’d like

Could there be a Relation: Date that only included Day and Month, but not Year?
(Maybe it would be worth it to consider other cases when one only needs the month or the day of the week, but nothing else?)


I would rather add a N/A option to the years dropdown than recreate another relation just for that.

Alternative solution (for now):
Indicate the year 100 for your contacts. (below that it doesn’t work)


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Agree on the N/A, @AyneHancer . Would be a nice solution.

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I agree dates (or moments in time, as well as durations) should be more flexible.

Check out the PS in this post I did awhile ago.

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Thanks for signposting, @qualquertipo .