Allow creating button that when clicked, creates a new object with specified template + more


Allow to create a “New Object” button. Could be a new Type. This gives the user options for how the new object should be created:
Can select which template it creates
Can automatically fill in certain data/relations/text.


I open the / menu and select “New Object Button” or something along those lines
When clicked, it creates a new object of specified type and template


ON my main to dos list, I can make a button that adds a to do object with a specific template.

Can create journal entries with the date filled out already. etc


You can use set of certain type for this use case. Just customise type you want and create set by this type. For now you can not select preferred template but it will appear in the future also.
So you can use set of type Task or Todo as your todo list.

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Yes but also you have to navigate to that set from whichever page you’re on. Would be nice to have the “new item” button in the set view as part of any view you like.

Maybe you could use an internal set as a workaround for now?

Yes I have made aworkaround already, I just link to a set.


Something like this would be perfect, this actually allows me to select the template


I really need this feature. It would be game changing for me. for example, If i have a diary every day and have a different object i have to fill in too every day, i could add a new object button on the bottom of both object templates, so when i create one i can directly create the other, if i need it. Not to mention it would be really cool to have different new object buttons on my homepage if i don’t want to see a set just to add a “new object” button. I admit this is not the most important feature, but for now the new object window is not really practical, and even when it will be, I would really need this feature to be faster and more productive.
It would be also really useful to add a “new object” button in a project template, so when i need to create a task for my project, i can directly add one from the same page, with the same tag as the parent and a custom template for tasks in projects.

@ShawnSalat You can also select templates now. Does this satisfy your feature request? For a more general custom buttons request, there is Custom buttons now.

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Ah yeah that custom buttons would enable to do exactly this. Also selecting templates is definitely a step in the right direction!

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