Allow all block types to be applied to a block

Hello! This is my first thread, so I hope it’s alright and fits well!

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I noticed that the checkbox feature can’t be used with other objects — the one most notable that I know so far is a Page or Link object. If one were to type /checkbox and then /page or /link afterwards, the Page/Link will replace the checkbox entirely. On further investigation, it seems like objects override each other (read: /page or /link will override /checkbox, and therefore all that’s left is a Page/Link).

Describe the solution you’d like

It’ll be great if support is added for multi-object linking (i.e., being able to call /checkbox and then /page or /link, having the Page/Link with a Checkbox next to it). This is prevalent on Android too, so it’ll be great if this could be added to Android, too!

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Not applicable

Additional context

Here are a few recordings of what I meant by overriding for further understanding:

The GIF above shows how a header (/h1) overrides a checklist (/checklist).

The GIF above shows how a link (/link, even though /page was typed) overrides a checklist (/checklist).

Note that the time when the recording is blank is due to the overlay that pops up when adding a Link object.


Yes, this is a very Notion-like limitation or approach and one that bugs me too. I don’t know how easy or possible it would be to generally combine any type of block with another, but I think it would be great for them to consider which block types could be compatible with each other and implement options for that, e.g. header + page link or header + checklist, but not e.g. code snippet. Looking over the block types currently though, I think a majority should be compatible with each other, at least conceptually.

Also this seems related to another feature request I made:

Finally I’ll just mention that one partial solution to this is to use in-line text selection links. Notion can do this (more recently), but Anytype can’t yet AFAIK because it doesn’t do search of its own pages for text links. Speaking of which, that’s a feature request! :grinning:


I can say for sure this feature is necessary but wouldn’t it also mean that we are straying further away from Markdown? This is related to the Markdown discussion in “Anytype community” Telegram chat. I do agree with @Oshyan there that we can ‘give up working in pure markdown’.

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@BGray Markdown already doesn’t support everything Anytype supports. I think the markdown export option itself should simply make clear what it does (and/or does not) export.

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I also noted something like this.

When I was creating checklist objects I tried to number each by typing "1. 2. 3. … " but as soon I hit the “Return” button Anytype changes from checklist to bulleted (numbered) list.

I wish I can set numbers on my checklists and maintaing them as a check lists.


@Scaro All action type pages appear as a checklist when linked in another page. For your use case, you can create a new type called checklist and then set it’s default page layout to Action type. Create your checklist as objects of this type and link them in the pages you want the checklist to appear. This workaround also allows one to group them together later in a set if required or add additional meta data such as assigned to, tags, etc. to the checklist entry.

The checklist blocks also supports numbering as long as you do not add a space between the period and the word. So instead of typing 1.Entry, try using 1.Entry

In the above image, the squircle is a linked action typed page and circles are checklist blocks

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Thanks, I’ve been doing some test with the hints you just gave me and it seems to get the job done.

Good old OneNote supports the combination of checkboxes (although those are called Tags in OneNote) and numbered/bulleted lists

It even allows you to toggle every line in a list!


I hope this becomes a possibility in Anytype soon :slight_smile:

@areoen would it be OK for you if I rename your topic from “Support multi-object linking” to “Allow all block types to be applied to a block”? I think that would better reflect the core of your request.

Edit: updated the title of this post for now. @areoen let me know if you prefer it to be changed back.

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