All the data in an object is lost after putting the pc to sleep!

So I was taking notes of a particular chapter in an object say electrostatics, i filled in so much data, and then i just put my pc to sleep, and after a while when i turned on the pc to continue with the notes, 75% of the data in that particular object dissapeared! This happened before too i didnt know the cause for it or how to reproduce it, i dont know if putting the pc to sleep even stimulates the bug, but i dont know how to reproduce it again because turning off the pc doesnt reproduce the bug again, its very random, even the version history of that particular object is lost, its like i never did anything in that object, please look into this!

What is your operating system?
Have you tried this on another OS?
Were your changes synced before the sleep mode?
Can you see the changes on another device when synced?

Yes, I use windows and Android, they both are in sync and were synced even before the bug occurred, it disappeared from both the os, Android and windows too,I had confirmed that the data was synced in both of them