All features should be available on all platforms

**Is your feature request related to a problem?
It hurts to design Anytype on Windows or work with features that are only available on Windows/Linux/etc. and are not usable on Android or IOS. Sometimes there is no point in using them when I don’t have the same experience on my other devices.

One example is the block appearance on windows which is missing on android

Another example is the playable audio files feature. It is possible to play files on Windows/Linux even IOS but not Android…

If you also missing some features/functions/appearances that are not available yet on all your devices feel free to commend them here.

Describe the solution you’d like
All features/object designs/etc. should be identical on all devices. Otherwise it disturbs the work flow and user experience.


Of course it would be nice to have all features available on all devices. But developing takes time. So if they can’t release the features everywhere, what should they do? Not releasing them for two because the third one is left?
In my opinion, releasing what they have done instead of waiting and delaying things, gives us the chance to test the new features earlier and so make bug reports and give feedback as fast as possible. So when the feature then arrives on plattform number 3, there are already some things made better/fixed.


Since Anytype is still in alpha, this make perfect sense.

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I definitely agree! But since it is not guaranteed that all features will arrive on all platforms, it won’t hurt to mention which features we would like the most to have on all platforms. The two I mentioned here would be a blessing for me having them on android too.

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The communication when it comes to development is definitely not up to par, but they are planning to do something about it in the near future.


Audio files do play on Android utilising your default audio player in the background, I use VLC for instance. Keep in mind that is feature is in the alpha stage.

On my device this is only possible if I download the file first. Otherwise its playing with the default audio player but not in the background so I cant use my object in the meantime.

It seems to have trouble sending the media to other apps for viewing or playback. For example, when I click in a PDF file, the “Select an app to open this with” dialog (as with most other apps) doesn’t appear, and instead only opens the app that is at the top of the alphabetical order for compatible filetype.

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Does someone from the Anytype team maybe have an overview of all features and their availability/status on each platform like “available”, “planned”, “being worked on”, backlog", “won’t be implemented”? Otherwise we might be a able to crowdsource such an overview :slight_smile:


Totally agree, I love Anytype how they listen to us and make changes to meet our needs.

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How about an overview like this? Everyone with this link has access to edit, so feel free to contribute. I am aware that it would be better to host this on a shared Anytype instance, but that is not available yet. If anyone knows an open-source alternative to Google Sheets with similar capabilities, let me know so we can migrate it there! :slight_smile:

Edit: please do not use this Google Sheet anymore. Instead, see Platform feature parity (overview).

PS: I only added some examples, this list is (very) far from complete and accurate!


I would love to contribute, but, may I suggest combining all desktop platforms (Linux, MacOS and Windows) under a single “Desktop” label? It’s a bit too cumbersome to have to create three new entries for each desktop operating system and I don’t see a need for them anyways, as essentially all builds of the desktop apps have equivalent feature sets.

Good suggestion, thanks! If all three OSes indeed have the same feature set, I don’t see any reason for splitting them, either. This would also be more in line with the Discourse labels, although on Discord there are separate channels for each OS.

Edit: initially I though it would be nice to split the OSes (Windows, Linux, MacOS) to be able to link to OS specific bug reports in the case a certain feature is available but not properly working, but that might be a bit out of scope of what we are (could?) be trying to do here. Therefore, I’ve merged the options which leaves us with Desktop, Android, and iOS.

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May I suggest using a Markdown Table here in the Forums? You can make your topic a Wiki and everyone can edit/contribute to it that way. Thus it keeps it all here in the forums and does not require use of a Google account to edit. :slight_smile: Reference is here:

Here, I have made a sample markdown table to show you (converted from GSheets using this website):

Category Feature Android Desktop iOS
Dashboard Library No Yes ?
Search Partially
Object Delete Yes Yes Yes
Relations Create Yes
View Yes Yes Yes
Sets Add filters Planned Planned Planned
Kanban, Calendar views for Sets
View Yes Yes Yes

If desired I believe we can customize the CSS for tables in the forums to make it look a bit better, though it would not be a high priority task of course. But could be done at some point. :grin:

Edit: using this you could also do cool things like adding links to tags for each category. I’ve put a few examples above.

Edit 2: admittedly editing tables in Markdown is not the cleanest/most intuitive thing, but it’s easy to get the hang of if you have an example (as above). And also you can optionally use a site like Tableconvert, linked above, to do edits and copy the result back into the forum in Markdown. You can set the input form at the top of the site to Markdown, copy/paste from the forum table here, make edits in a GUI, and then copy the output back here. Though editing here in the forum should not be too bad once you do it a bit.


Hi all, the wiki page is up! Please contribute there. I’ll make sure any contributions made to the Google Sheet are transferred somewhere in the coming days. I don’t have an iOS device so I cannot check/test that.


@Flip, this is a request I see that adds coherence to the “feature request” forum in general. Instead of there being a hundred feature requests of the nature, “please add windows functionality to iOS… please add android functionality to Linux… etc…” — instead what the team can do is create an evolving table or list or some other evolving comparison of missing features on each platform and give an update on the status. This way the forum won’t get clogged up with requests of this nature and instead can focus on the requests that are more universal to all platforms of anytype. How does this sound?

Oh lol… I see now that’s exactly what’s been done! What an amazing community :slight_smile: