All Documents page

All Documents object would be great.Can be Non Deletable and hideable. Like in Roam research, Though roam research and othhers don’t have hideable option.


I think this idea would make more sense as a “All” view to be displayed on the dashboard, along with “Favorites”, “History”, “Sets”, and “Bin”.


I totally agree. Let me add something to that idea:

In Notion, you have some sort of “Root” where all new Pages have to go.


A sidebar view which is hideable and scrollable would make life with Anytype much easier as I personally find Notion’s approach more user-friendly and more intuitive, I’d even say faster. With the shortcut CTRL+\ I can easily hide the side bar in Notion which I personally use nearly daily.


This I requested for sets. This would be helpful like seeing all that is due today from all objects. And All tab could be great too

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Unarchived, Non-Favorite and Non-Recent pages / objects are not easier to find. And with the upcoming deletion feature, having a view to check and remove all objects will be useful for users. Changing a page’s icon also leaves the old icons as orphans and having this option would help one to delete them as well

Describe the solution you’d like

A separate Tab in the dashboard or elsewhere where users could see all their objects.We had an inbox tab to list only drafts previously. We could use something similar to list all objects

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

  • Searching for the object, but it is a hit or miss as of now
  • Looking over each node in the Graph view but it is not feasible if the user has a large number of objects

Additional context

This has been discussed at times but I’m not sure if a formal request is available in the forums. If so, Kindly merge this with that one :grinning:


I’d also like this feature! Just to add into the discussion, I think it would probably be easiest / most intuitive to incorporate this alongside a hierarchical ‘tree’ view like was recently suggested:

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I think this idea might need some more thought, but I added the “New” tag to hopefully get this on the radar of the Anytype team.

This problem will be addressed soon. We are going to introduce the set by all types - this is basically will be all documents

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@ignatovv Can this be available as a tab like favorites? Ability set sets in the tab area?

For the current time we will introduce set functionality to list all objects.
And later on we will add new way of customisation of your dashboard, you will like it :smiling_imp: